New Millennium International School, with a home-like atmosphere and a low child-to-teacher ratio, offers an exciting early learning experience for children, we strive to provide a safe, nurturing, and accepting environment in which children are encouraged to develop social, emotional, cognitive and motor skills through play.


Even while maintaining student’s natural curiosity and confidence in themselves as learners we develop the student behaviors that will enable them to become active and focused learners in a classroom setting. The curriculum is Play-based, and Child-Centered recognizing student’s multiple intelligence. A day at Playschool and Kindergarten involves much free play. Both indoors and outdoors and structured time. Indoor free play is based around a series of activities: Play, Blocks/Building, Sensory, Art and Discovery/Science. Outdoor play is available on our playground.


Structured learning takes place at Circle Time, Music Time as well as during Art and Craft activities. All of these activities integrate the Theme of the Week. The themes are developed based on the interests of the children, and emphasis is laid on fun and enrichment. Children’s progress is monitored closely by our committed staff through a planned developmental continuum for each area.


The following formal areas of learning are addressed in a structured manner:
• Mathematics
• Science
• The give senses
• Development of inquiry and thinking skills
• Health
• Nutrition
• Safety
• Social Studies
• Music, Movement, Drama
• Drawing and sculpture