Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,


The year 2018 marked the beginning of an era as the gates of the New Millenium International School opened to cater to the educational needs of the area. It is my pleasure to inform you that NMIS is the first E-Dac school in this region. With one of the most advanced and enriching curriculum presents in the country. NMIS is taking, huge strides towards the future.


NMIS provides a warm, caring stimulating environment in which our students can learn and develop. There is a strong ethos of parental involvement for we NMIS recognize the need for open communication. It is only to the sustained efforts of students, parents, and teachers that a child can grow into an adult with sensitivity, character and a respect for human diversity.


We at NMIS believe that education is not only about imparting knowledge but unleashing a child’s mind towards self-expression, new possibilities, and a bright future. I have realized that with parental Co-operation and the right guidance, learning becomes easier and enriching.


It is our aim to enable students to achieve their maximum potential in the process that we achieve greater heights, TOGETHER.


I wish you all the best